Do I have to pay tax on scholarships and awards?

Updated on 23 December 2020


Student loans are tax free and nearly all scholarships and awards are also free of tax.

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Are scholarships or awards taxable income?

Students receiving scholarships are advised to get confirmation, in writing, from the donor that the amount is, in fact, tax free.

If this is so, it is likely that the scholarship or award will not be treated as income for tax credits purposes. Certain specific adult dependants' grants do affect tax credits and you should check the notes or contact HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to see whether this applies.

There is more information on how universal credit entitlement may be affected by any other income on the Revenuebenefits website that is also maintained by us.

Where can I get more information on student loans?

Further guidance on student loans is provided in our Student loans section.

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