Tax basics

Updated on 11 July 2018

Welcome to the 'tax basics section' of our website. Here we provide basic information on the UK tax system and how to deal with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Introduction to the tax system

What information and help can I find in this section?

This part of the website gives general tax information including:

For information on the scope of the help that you can expect to find in this section, please see the About Us section.

Why do I need to understand the UK tax system?

Understanding the UK tax system will help you to check that you are paying the right amount of tax. You should not assume that the tax authorities – HMRC – will do this for you.

Paying the right tax means that you get the right amount of money in your pocket.

Where can I get more help?

If you want more information on any of the following areas, you can find it elsewhere on this website:

LITRG also has other websites that you may find helpful:

  • Tax Guide for Students
    A website of tax information for students and their advisers. You can use it to find out how to get your taxes right and also find out more about working as a tax professional.
  • Disability Tax Guide 
    Information, help and resources for anyone taking on a personal assistant to help them live independently.
  • RevenueBenefits
    The leading website for advisers who deal with HMRC related benefits including tax credits, child benefit and National Minimum Wage.

HMRC manage the UK tax system. You can find their contact details on the GOV.UK website.

You can find out where to get help from third party organisations in our getting help section.