Tax Credits and Benefits

Updated on 23 October 2018

Welcome to the ‘tax credits and benefits section' of our website. This section provides details about tax credits and is for you if you are on a low income and/or responsible for any children.

Tax Credits and Benefits

What information and help can I find in this section?

We have provided information about tax credits and benefits aimed at helping you navigate the often complicated system of support available, with links to more detailed guidance.

For information on the scope of the help that you can expect to find in this section, please see the About Us section.

You will find information about tax credits covering the following subjects:

In our State Benefit section we have provided a series of links to more detailed information

For those earning £50,000 or more and entitled to Child Benefit, we have information about the High Income Child Benefit Charge in our section on

Tax credits will eventually be replaced by universal credit which began to be introduced in April 2013 and continues to be rolled out by postcode until December 2018. New claims for tax credits will no longer be possible for most people as the full service of universal credit becomes available in each postcode area. Eventually all existing tax credit claimants will also be moved to universal credit and it is expected that this will happen between 2019 and 2023. You can find out more about the changes in our section on:

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Where can I get more information?

The detail around how tax credits work can get complex. More information about all aspects of tax credits and Child Benefit, including dealing with HMRC about tax credits/Child Benefit is available on our website for advisers – Revenuebenefits.

Information about tax credits, Child Benefit and State Benefits can also be found on GOV.UK.

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