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pieces of white paper with the word 'SCAM' typed on it in black text, on larger piece of white paper with the word 'SCAM' in the middle
Published on 7 May 2024

VAT email scam alert

HMRC have identified a new VAT email scam which encourages people to scan a QR code....

yellow background with a blue clock, the word updated written on white blocks surrounded by paperclips
Published on 3 May 2024

Our updated self-employment tax guide is available now

Our free publication ‘Self-employment: A LITRG guide’ has recently been updated and is now available to download. It is aimed at those who are self-employed or in a partnership. It will also be very helpful to voluntary sector advisers and other non-tax specialists who advise low-income self-employe...

a person writing on a board filled with graphs, charts and icons, with the word 'SURVEY' in the middle
Published on 12 February 2024

Have your say on HMRC’s service

Every year, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) publish a report on their Charter. These reports set out HMRC’s performance against the HMRC Charter. This is your chance to complete a survey and tell us how you think HMRC have performed. We will use your feedback when we write our comments for the HMRC ...

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