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Published on 11 January 2004

Older people on low incomes - The Taxman's Response

This follow up report in July 1999 looks at the actions taken by the Government and Inland Revenue in the light of our recommendations in our earlier report.

In this Report, the second published by the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, we show how the recommendations made in our first Report in December 1998, Older people on low incomes: the case for a friendlier tax system, have been received by Government and the Inland Revenue.

The LITRG was established in April 1998 with the following mandate:

‘To target for help and information those least able in the community to afford tax advice and make a real difference to their understanding of taxation and to work to make the tax system more friendly to their needs.’

For the nine months which preceded publication of our December Report, we had studied the way in which the tax regime affected older people on low incomes, and received a mass of correspondence showing the acute levels of distress caused them by the nature of their dealings with the Inland Revenue.

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