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Published on 15 December 2014

HMRC Tax-Free Childcare: Draft Guidance

Whilst the LITRG are encouraged that HMRC are consulting on the guidance at an early stage, we do have concerns that having a ‘one size fits all’ guide is not the correct approach and thought should be given to those with additional needs and how they can be adequately addressed. ...

Published on 12 December 2014

Localisation and social security – call for evidence

LITRG is generally supportive of localisation where it means people are better served by authorities being able to flex benefits and services to local needs. But individuals may be confused about to whom they turn for guidance and what power exists to change things in their community. Local and national authorities should aim to keep service standards consistent, and to minimise any ‘postcode lott...

Published on 10 December 2014

Collection and management of devolved taxes in Wales

The LITRG calls for the Welsh Revenue Authority, when established, to draw up a taxpayer’s charter that has a statutory basis, setting out the rights and obligations of taxpayers and the Government. While we are encouraged with the Welsh Government’s approach to tax thus far, we would emphasise the importance of understanding the needs of unrepresented taxpayers who want to be tax comp...

Published on 24 November 2014

Automatic enrolment – review of threshold

LITRG’s response to this DWP consultation supports maintaining alignment of the automatic enrolment threshold with the level of the personal allowance for simplicity. We suggest, however, that this is kept under review – with particular regard to affordability of contributions by reference to the National Minimum Wage, the true ‘living wage’ and future increases in minimum contribution levels. ...

Published on 13 November 2014

Practical issues arising from new pensions legislation

The current PAYE system is ill-equipped to deal with the new pensions regime and is likely to cause severe difficulties for both taxpayer and HMRC, say LITRG in its evidence to the committee of MPs scrutinising the Taxation of Pensions Bill going through Parliament. ...

Published on 12 November 2014

Finance Committee of the Scottish Parliament – Call for Evidence (inquiry into devolution)

The LITRG have responded to the Finance Committee of the Scottish Parliament’s Call for Evidence in respect of their inquiry into the devolution of further fiscal powers. Our response concentrates on points of concern with direct relevance for the low income individual and in particular on the potential interactions of a devolved income tax with welfare benefits and tax credits. ...

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