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LITRG Response: Treasury Committee inquiry – Tax Reliefs. image of a yellow warning road sign saying TAX RELIEF JUST AHEAD
Published on 3 November 2022

Treasury Committee inquiry – Tax Reliefs

LITRG responded to an inquiry into tax reliefs launched by the House of Commons Treasury Committee. The inquiry covered a wide range of questions around broad themes, including value for money, behavioural impacts, international comparisons and proposals for the addition or removal of particular rel...

CIOT/LITRG Response: Welsh Government consultation on A Fairer Council Tax.  coloured image of the welsh flag and picture of Monopoly houses standing on piles of £1 coins
Published on 12 October 2022

Welsh Government consultation on A Fairer Council Tax

CIOT and LITRG have submitted a joint response to the Welsh Government’s consultation on substantial reforms to council tax in Wales. This is the first phase of consultation with the second phase being issued in Summer 2023. The consultation proposes a council tax revaluation of all 1.5 million prop...

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