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Latest updates

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Published on 2 April 2024

Scottish income tax for Scottish taxpayers in 2024/25

From 6 April 2024, there are six rates and bands of Scottish income tax that apply to the non-savings and non-dividend income of Scottish taxpayers. W...
a calendar, a clock and various stationary laid against a pink table top
Press release
Published on 2 April 2024

‘Week 53’ tax year could mean unexpected tax bills, warns LITRG

Thousands of UK employees could face an unexpected tax bill this year due to a little-known quirk in the tax system, the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group ...
An hour-glass emptying, sitting on top of the letters T-A-X
Published on 27 March 2024

Time is running out to claim 2019/20 tax refunds

In some situations, you need to actively claim a tax refund if one is due to you. These include refunds that relate to claims for the marriage allowan...
a month per page calendar against a blue background.
Published on 26 March 2024

Important information for employees being paid on the 4th or 5th of April 2024

There are 53 Thursdays and Fridays in the 2023/24 tax year, rather than 52. If you are weekly paid and will be paid on Thursday 4th or Frid...
3 pieces of paper on a wooden desktop, one says 'TAX IMPLICATIONS', the other two are shaped like speech bubbles one saying 'MAIN JOB'. the other 'SIDE JOB'
Blog Post
Published on 22 March 2024

The side hustle tax challenge

The beginning of 2024 saw much confusion over how so-called ‘side hustles’ are taxed. This was prompted by the introduction of new reporting rule...
wooden blocks falling on one another then an outline of a person with their hand held out stopping the blocks from falling further
Press release
Published on 20 March 2024

HMRC helplines - Institute welcomes halting of cuts

The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) and its Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) have welcomed today’s announcement1 by HMRC that th...
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Latest submissions

silver plate containing receipt, cash and coins.
Published on 16 February 2024

Tipping Act Code of Practice

Under the Tipping Act, the government must introduce a new code of practice to help ensure that employers are distributing tips fairly and transparently. The government is inviting feedback to ensure this code is as helpful as possible. ...

Feedback from our website users

"I was really struggling to find any guidance from the gov.uk website on filling in the starter checklist when moving from self-employed to employed. Your article gave me a direct, straightforward answer to my query… and put my mind at ease. Thanks so much for the information you provide and the way in which you provide it. "

"I found your basic article on ‘what tax rates apply to me’ very useful. So refreshing to find accessible, readable copy on tax matters in place of the usual dense copy provided by HMRC and professional sources. I will use your site again. "

Latest reports

painter, woman working on a tablet, doctor and nurse, policeman, and a welder
Published on 24 March 2021

Labour Market Intermediaries

We are pleased to publish our report ‘Labour Market Intermediaries: a technical report outlining how umbrella companies and other intermediaries operate in the labour market and the implications for workers who use them’....


Various red blocks falling, each block has a different percentage on it, for example 60%, 20%, 15%.
Updated on 6 April 2024

Tax and NIC rates and bands

We set out the rates, bands, thresholds and allowances for different taxes and National Insurance contributions....
A calculator with the words 'TAX HELP' on the screen, next to the calculator is a pen, the background is made up of paperwork.
Updated on 6 April 2024

Minimum wage, tax and benefits help for care workers

Care workers can face some challenges when it comes to understanding their minimum wage, tax and benefit positions due to the nature of care work and ...
a wooden table with a mobile phone and a pad of paper with the words 'SELF EMPLOYMENT' written on it.
Updated on 6 April 2024

Self-employment: a guide

Our PDF guide to self-employment supplements the information in this self-employment section....
a phone showing apps for gig economy such as 'UBER', 'LYFT DRIVER', 'DASHER', 'FLEET', 'SHOPPER', 'GH DRIVERS', 'TASKER', 'ROVER' and another that cannot be seen.
Updated on 6 April 2024

Gig economy

The ‘gig’ economy is tempting more people to earn extra cash by using one of the many available online platforms to offer rides, run errands, make del...