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Published on 1 September 2023

LITRG’s free guide to self employment – newly updated and available to download now

LITRG’s free publication ‘Self-employment: A LITRG guide’ has recently been updated and is now available to download. It is aimed at those who are self-employed or in a partnership and who want detailed information about self-employment in one place. It will also be very helpful to voluntary sector advisers and other non-tax specialists who advise low-income self-employed individuals.

image of a builder, singer, hairdresser and client, business man, chef, dog walker, electrician. showcasing some self-employed individuals

The Guide contains lots of useful information and together with the information on the self-employment section of the LITRG website, provides everything you need to be able to deal with your tax affairs generally, and in particular prepare self-employed accounts for income tax purposes and also complete your 2022/23 tax return.

It includes detailed case studies which show how to prepare a set of accounts and what information from the accounts needs to be entered on to the 2022/23 tax return.

The Guide highlights what needs to be done when starting out as a self-employed individual, and looks at things to consider when the self-employed business is growing and when it ceases. It discusses all the key tax and National Insurance aspects at each stage of the lifecycle of the self-employed business, as well as other relevant areas such as taking on staff, registering for VAT and interaction with state benefits.

You can find a link to the guide on our website here.

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