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Published on 1 March 2023

Take part in HMRC research for a chance to win £25 worth of vouchers!

Have you recently started your first job, changed jobs or taken on an additional job? HMRC are looking for volunteers to fill in their survey so they can understand more about workers in these groups, any specific tax issues they face and any experiences they have had in contacting HMRC.

NEWS: Take part in HMRC research for a chance to win £25 worth of vouchers!  image of a voucher

HMRC is conducting some research, looking into the issues that those who are employed and paid under Pay As You Earn (PAYE) face with their taxes.

They would like to hear about issues people face when they:

  • start their first job,

  • change jobs or

  • start an additional job and begin working multiple jobs.

HMRC would like to invite you to take part in their survey to help them better understand these issues and develop their services. For taking part, there will be the opportunity to win one of six £25 Love2shop vouchers.

Your input will be very valuable to HMRC and, indeed, you could help shape the future of tax for workers like you! If you would be willing to take part, please complete the survey by 10 March 2023.

Did you know that LITRG offer specific guidance if you have recently started your first job, changed jobs or taken on an additional job?

As well as having lots of helpful general tax information on our website for those in employment, we also have help and support for people in specific jobs or situations, where we know there are bound to be questions! For example:

First job?
In our guidance for first time workers, we look at the various issues and concepts that you may come across and need to understand when you first start work as an employee.

Changed jobs?
When you change jobs, you may wonder what will happen to your taxes. For employees there is a procedure in place when starting a new job, which helps ensure PAYE continues to work on the correct basis, as far as possible.

Multiple jobs?
There are tax, National Insurance and benefit issues to be aware of when taking on an extra job. In our factsheet, we aim to help you understand the impact that having more than one job can have on your finances.

Agency workers and umbrella workers
The first job you have after finishing school may be with an agency, as it can be a good way of finding a longer-term position. We also know there are a lot of agency workers that like the variety and flexibility that comes with working on different assignments and/or who may be signed on with multiple agencies.

There are, however, some complexities to do with your tax and employment law status that you should be aware of if you work through an agency.

Things can also get confusing because many agencies don’t like offering a PAYE payroll service for the people they find work assignments for and so they may ask you to work through an umbrella company. An umbrella company is an employment business that takes on agency workers as its own employees. They act as an intermediary between a worker and their agency – an agency pays the umbrella company, who then pays you, the worker. See our website for some clear and independent information (including a factsheet) to help you understand more about working through an umbrella company and some tips on what to look out for so you can avoid any problems.

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