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Published on 29 November 2021

All Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship – Call for Evidence on the Sharing Economy

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Entrepreneurship recently held a call for evidence on the sharing economy. As many low-income workers make at least part of their living from the sharing or gig economy, LITRG made a submission to the call for evidence to highlight issues that we think need to be considered in connection with the taxation of the income.

Illustration of four people around the words gig economy

Among other things, we called for

  • Consideration to be given to finding ways to tax those who work through platforms other than via the Self Assessment system
  • The employment status of gig workers to be clarified as soon as possible
  • HMRC to better advise and educate those who use online platforms as a source of work or to otherwise generate income about their tax obligations
  • Trading and property allowances to be better publicised

The APPG has not yet published a report of the findings of its inquiry into the sharing economy as a result of the call for evidence, however LITRG’s submission can be found here.

The call for evidence can be found on the APPG For Entrepreneurship website.

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