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Published on 25 October 2016

All Party Parliamentary Group Inquiry into public confidence in HMRC capability to collect tax fairly and effectively

We welcome the opportunity to contribute to a discussion into the levels of public confidence and trust in the capability of HMRC to collect tax fairly and effectively. In our response, we highlight that our experiences show that many low-income taxpayers find it hard to trust HMRC. Particularly damaging to HMRC’s reputation in recent weeks are reports of problems arising in tax credits compliance cases sub-contracted to Concentrix. We also point out that public confidence in HMRC’s capability will, over the next few years, hinge on the Department’s digital agenda. There is widespread concern that the pace of change is too rapid and the potential impact of ‘Making Tax Digital’ has been underestimated. 

The consultation can be found on the APPG website and our submission can be found here: 

kelly Sizer

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