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Published on 26 August 2020

Raising standards in the tax advice market: call for evidence

LITRG endorses the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s response to this important call for evidence and has provided a supplementary response which focuses on some of the points relevant to unrepresented taxpayers.

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In this submission, we consider the impact of regulation of the tax advice market on unrepresented taxpayers and highlight the need for a structured initiative to expand and enhance the provision of non-profit tax advice.

We also discuss the need to ensure unrepresented taxpayers are able to easily access high-quality tax advice when they need it and that funding for charitable organisations is properly targeted.

In the case of High Volume Repayment Agents, we argue that more needs to be done about the factors which drive taxpayers to their use and that HMRC should do more to help taxpayers make better choices.

Read the full response here.

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