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Published on 27 October 2021

Tax policy and the Budget – a framework for tax

The CIOT and LITRG have submitted a joint response to the Scottish Government’s consultation: this sought views on the Scottish Government’s overall approach to tax policy, Scotland’s first Framework for Tax and how the Scottish Government should use its devolved and local tax powers as part of the Scottish Budget 2022-23. The intention is that the Framework for Tax will underpin the development of tax policy in Scotland, enhancing transparency, coherency and sequencing.

Illustration of Scotland covered in the Scottish flag

Our response welcomes the publication of the Framework for Tax, and the fact that the document is accessible to a fairly wide audience. We note a few areas where we think improvements could be made, such as by including more explanation of the benefits of transparency, and a change to the framing of the sixth principle, anti-avoidance. We also set out a couple of priorities in relation to use of tax powers during the next parliament, with a view to achieving the Scottish Government’s aim of creating a fairer, greener and more progressive Scotland.

The consultation can be read here.

The joint response can be found here.

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